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Local Committee Members

In compliance with Special Olympics BC regulations, we have an elected Local Committee. These volunteers meet regularly to set overall policy and manage operational issues relating to the programs.

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 Head Coach's contact information

Name Position Contact
Kendal Alston Local Coordinator 778-679-7672
Joy Croll Past Local Coordinator 250-208-6313
Taylor Lawrence Secretary 250-919-0536
Monika Miskiewicz Treasurer 250-208-2513
Vacant Volunteers' Coordinator
Kyle Eriksen Athletes' Coordinator 250-508-3984
Ebony Logins Sport and Competition Coordinator 250-507-0787
Kailee Bowman Head Coach Coordinator 250-812-9714
Andrea Boyes Public Relations Coordinator 250-213-2023
Vacant Fundraising Coordinator


Sub-Committee Members

Sub-Committee volunteers report to a member of the Local Committee.

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Jo Osborne Athlete Registrar 250-385-4646
Kate Carmichael Volunteer Recruiter 778-533-4124
Karen Hamblett Facilities Coordinator 250-479-0780
Thomas Broeren Volunteers' Registrar 250-472-8363
Shannon Dempster Travel Coordinator 250-580-4916
Ian Bashford Equipment and Uniform Coordinator 250-744-2296
Joan Gagnon Social Events Organizer 250-477-8091
Nicole Bracewell Coach Education Coordinator 250-478-2569
Bob Vanderford Photographer
Vacant Social Media Coordinator
Vacant Coordinator of Special Events
Tess van Straaten Public Speaking Organizer
Tanya Switucka Behavioural Advisor Home: 250-298-7876
Cell: 250-415-9323.
Vacant Development Officer