Volunteer / orientation
All volunteers are required to take the Online Volunteer Orientation Course

THANK YOU for being a fan of courage, dignity, and inspiration.

THANK YOU for choosing to volunteer with Victoria Special Olympics!

We would like to welcome you into the world of Victoria Special Olympics, and help you understand the vital impact you will have on the lives of athletes - and the joy they will bring into yours.

In order to ensure that you get a great start in your volunteering and have a good understanding of Special Olympics, all our volunteers are required to take the Special Olympics Canada Online Volunteer Orientation Course.

This interactive online orientation course offers a thorough and interesting introduction to the world of Special Olympics, enhancing your ability to coach and support the Victoria Special Olympic athletes and help them enrich their lives through sport.

While you are welcome to take the quiz at the end of the orientation course, you are not required to do so.

Welcome to Special O!